So tonight I’m going out to a nice restaurant downtown, then I’m walking around the city to take pictures on my film camera, because I haven’t really used it much lately. I promised myself Monday I would do something for myself if I went the rest of the week being in a good mood. And, I have. I’ve had to generate my own happiness this week. And it feels weird to actually have things looking up for once. I just wish I had a girl to go with me tonight. It wouldn’t even have to be a date, really. I just think it would be nice to spend my outing with someone I could compliment all night. Maybe humor a little bit, too.

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  2. planaperfectday said: omg Zach, I wish I could go with you
  3. unvertigo said: did you fall from heaven because u r a 10
  4. seacups said: aw you look so nice!!
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    Like ? Who’s this cute boy.
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  12. cleus said: if i was like 3 years older im pretty sure we’d be bffs js
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  14. et-c3tera said: have fun (:
  16. celestas said: Gah, you are too handsome. I hope you have a good time, even if you lack the company of a female, you deserve a night to yourself. : )
  17. volsaire said: Have fun! :)
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    10/10 would love